Ryan Lampe

Associate Professor, California State University, East Bay

Fields: Economics of Innovation, Applied Microeconomics, Economic History

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

Social Learning or Network Externalities? (with Joseph Kuehn)

Mean Reversion in Investment Decisions: The Case of Hollywood (with Romans Pancs), revise and resubmit Journal of Industrial Economics

Self-Regulation vs State Regulation: Evidence from Cinema Age Restrictions (with Shaun McRae), revise and resubmit International Journal of Industrial Organization

Word-of-mouth, Quality, and Advertising: Evidence from Movie Sales


Does Organizational Form Drive Competition? Evidence from Coffee Retailing (with Brian Adams, Joshua Gans, and Richard Hayes), Economic Record, 2018, v. 94, Issue 305, pp. 155-167.

Patent Pools, Competition, and Innovation - Evidence from 20 Industries in the 1930s (with Petra Moser), The Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, 2016, v. 32, pp. 1-36. Data: do-file and main data.

The Adoption of New Technologies: Understanding Hollywood's (Slow and Uneven) Conversion to Color, 1940-70 (with Ricard Gil), The Journal of Economic History, 2014, v. 74, No. 4, pp. 987-1014. Data: main data and do file.

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